Wellness Packages

Though we still offer our same amazing spa services (now listed as the Essential services in our spa menu), to offer you the maximum benefit of these services, we have partnered them with our favorite wholefoods-based supplements and structured the Total Wellness and Advanced Wellness options for you to choose from. If partaking in multiple services at the spa, you may choose one service as Total Wellness, and receive the included discounted products, and others as Essential; it is your choice. If you would like clarification regarding these new offerings, please call and ask for Kaera


As everyday impurities find their way into our bodies, we may be left feeling tired or out of balance. Yogi DeTox is a gentle way to help the body cleanse itself by aiding the two primary filtering organs, the liver and kidneys. When combined with an overall wellness program, DeTox helps bring healthy balance from within.*

With the Essential service option, your complimentary take-home is a box of Yogi DeTox Tea.

Total Wellness

The Total Wellness option is the next step up, and gives you three take-home products: Yogi’s Detox Tea (see above), Natural Cellular Defense (NCD) by Waiora (www.mywaiora.com/445792), and Organic Life Vitamins (OLV) by Natural Vitality. These companies offer a variety of nutritionals designed to help you cleanse your body of harmful toxins, replenish your body with essential nutrients and help you enjoy a longer, healthier life.

Advanced Wellness

The Advanced Wellness option might be the best choice for someone with a high-stress lifestyle or one who has knowingly been exposed to harmful chemicals on the job, like firefighters, exterminators, painters, etc. The Advanced Wellness take-home products are the tea, the NCD, the OLV (all detailed above), with the addition of Protandim by Life Vantage.

What our clients say

“Super cute and cozy spot! I’ve been here several times; each time I had a different massage therapist, and each time my experience was wonderful! Very reasonable pricing, as well. I highly recommend!”

Tiffany Tharp

“Had a 2hr massage and walked out feeling massage drunk…awh!!!”

Debbie Brannam