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Why Not Take Time Off to Feel Better?
by Dr. Donna, Health & Fitness Magazine, Sacramento, June 2007

It was time to take a half day off, just for wellness. I wanted my energy restored, vibrant skin, a feeling of lightness, and the competitive edge back.

Where to go for renewal is always the question. I chose a wellness ‘retreat’ called the Rejuvenate Day Spa located at 3431 Taylor Road in Loomis. Here, a special rejuvenation program would be designed for me by Kaera Anzalone, spa owner, one that included a pumpkin facial, body buff, massage and detoxifying foot bath.

My choice was the Rejuvenate Day Spa because Kaera not only has a wonderful healing touch, but also goes out of her way to use all-natural products in her facials, massage oils, wraps, and products for make-up, skin care and hair care. Since there’s no traffic in the morning from Sacramento to Loomis, the drive was pleasant.

Upon entering the Rejuvenate Day Spa, you can’t help but feel a sense of peace in these eclectic surroundings. After a cup of yogi tea, Kaera escorted me to her therapy room, where I undressed and snuggled under the covers on the inviting heated massage table. She started with an all-natural pumpkin enzyme facial...

Pampering with a Purpose
Spa Treatments Enhance Calm, Relaxation
By: Susan Belknap, Loomis News Editor Wednesday, January 24, 2007
Kaera Anzalone owner of Rejuvenate! Day Spa, performs Reiki, a balancing of energy in the body, on Jennifer Swaarts. Imagine a world of soft music, aromas of herbal tea and the cell phone turned off.  That's the environment of Rejuvenate! Day Spa located on Taylor Road in Loomis where patrons who walk through the door are instantly filled with a sense of calm.  According to spa owner Kaera Anzalone, Rejuvenate! is a place where being refreshed and relaxed is the order of the day with its offerings of massages, facials, body wraps, permanent make-up, waxing and hand and foot treatments.  "Our most requested service is the luxury retreat, one-hour massage," Anzalone said. "It includes a full body salt glow that exfoliates dead skin cells and stimulates circulation, a full body relaxation massage and deep heating paraffin hand treatment."  Anzalone said many of her clients request an Aqua Detox footbath, which she said aids the body in ridding itself of toxins.

The foot treatment begins with a footspa filled with water, a saline solution and an electro magnetic device called an array. The Aqua Detox system produces a charge, which stimulates the cells within the body. The positive and negative charges in the water allow the body to attract and use the negative ions to rebalance and release toxins.  "Some people with arthritis who use the aqua detox have said they don't have pain anymore," Anzalone said.  In addition to the aqua detox, Anzalone said Rejuvenate's facial offerings are a favorite among her clients. The one-hour, hyper-pigmented skin facial is popular for people with sun damage and it helps to brighten and lighten uneven skin tone due to hormonal changes, acne scarring and other traumas to the skin.  Loomis resident Denise Duncan has been a client at Rejuvenate! for two years. She regularly receives facials and massages from the spa staff. Duncan especially appreciates the convenience of having the facility in Loomis and enjoys the warm, friendly reception she receives the minute she walks through the door. "I love it all," Duncan said. "I like the facials because it makes my skin bright and glowing."

Rejuvenate! Owner Kaera Anzalone sets up Melissa Wheeler, of Loomis, with the Aqua Detox, which Anzalone said helps to pull the toxins out of the body.

In addition, Duncan said with her active lifestyle of bike riding and hiking, receiving a regular massage helps her to work the stress and " kinks" of her body.  Citrus Heights resident Ken Harper also enjoys a massage at Rejuvenate! Harper usually receives a sports massage about twice a month. Although he's not a serious athlete at 70 years old, he said having a massage helps to keep his muscles working and moving.  "After a massage, I feel completely relaxed and extremely mobile," Harper said.  For those clients who enjoy rejuvenating the whole body, the Loomis spa facility offers a variety of body buffs and wraps including the moisturizing body wrap, which includes an aloe-based pack that is smoothed onto the skin before being swaddled in a thermal wrap. This hydrating full-body treatment is perfect for dry or sun-exposed skin and also includes a scalp and foot massage and body buff, which is a full body skin exfoliation that removes dead skin cells.  New for 2007 at Rejuvenate! is a line of skin care products that do not contain preservatives called parabens.  "These parabens mimic estrogen and are not good for cancer patients," Anzalone said.  One of Anzalone's favorite services is Reiki, which is a Japanese word meaning, universal life energy. Reiki is not massage or hypnosis but rather a technique that promotes balance among the body's systems.  "It's also good for people to help them relax before surgery and can stimulate healing after," Anzalone said.  For special occasions Rejuvenate! offers spa packages and parties for groups. The Girl's Night Out is available for $84 per person and features one-hour massages, facials and/or seasonal foot treatments with hand lift. The spa staff provides snacks, herbal teas and spring water.

Girl's Night Out

Spa Treatments Enhance Calm, Relaxation
By: Catherine Warmerdam, Sacramento Magazine

That sacred ritual known as the all-girl beauty fest long celebrated at teenage slumber parties doesn’t have to disappear just because you’re all grown up. This time around, however, you and your girlfriends can bypass the bad perms and sparkly blue nail polish and instead bond over massages and facials performed by the friendly, competent team of professionals at Rejuvenate Day Spa in Loomis. They’ll even provide an assortment of healthful and not-so-healthful snacks to munch on during your session. Of course, Rejuvenate doesn’t cater only to groups, but its comfortable setting—a cleverly converted barn—is refreshingly low-key and ideal for a laid-back afternoon with friends.


Open Monday - Saturday (By Appointment)
(916) 652-4024

3431 Taylor Road
Loomis, California 95650
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